• Pangolin Photo Safaris – Jacis Tree Lodge

Jacis Lodge Madikwe

Jaci, herself, is a force of nature and creativity that reflects wholeheartedly in this fantastic lodge and our partner property in SA’s best kept secret – Madikwe!

Madikwe offers the opportunity to see and photograph lots of species not seen very often in Botswana such as white and black rhino, aardwolf, brown hyena and a thriving wild dog population as well as plenty of big cats. The reserve is incredibly well managed with sightings well-coordinated and controlled between the properties on the reserve.

Jaci’s Tree lodge is as you would imagine set among a beautiful forest that runs along the Marico river with each room seemingly suspended in the canopy. Jacis is a feast for the senses with plenty of bold colours and quirky design features everywhere you look. One unique aspect of the property is that the staff are also shareholders in the enterprise which ensures that every member of staff has a vested interest in making your stay at their lodge as memorable and comfortable and possible.

The central dining and lounge areas is broken into several separate areas meaning you can find your own spot and claim it for some relaxation. There is a pool just behind the lodge and just past that is the Terrapin Hide which was designed and constructed by our very own pangolin co-founder Gerhard “Guts” Swanepoel. This modern-day feat of engineering allows you to photograph and view animals coming to the waterhole from water level – the tunnel to the hide being accessible 24/7.

If you are feeling adventurous then just above the entrance to the hide is the Sky Bed where you can sleep out under the stars and overlooking the waterhole. This four-poster double bed has a mosquito net around it and a tea/coffee hotbox is provided for the morning. It’s a great experience with your sleep sometimes (and gently) interrupted by nocturnal visitors arriving at the waterhole below. The food at Jaci’s is superb and make sure you try the signature chopped chilli, lemon juice and olive oil dip with the freshly baked bread at dinner!